FTTH Construction

District 6 - Big Horn area Fiber Construction - Ongoing

This FTTH project has started as of 01-04-2021 and is estimated to be completed on 03-19-2021.

This project includes:
Beltline Rd.
Santa Cruz Rd.
Gila Crossing Blvd.
Big Horn Dr.
Evans Rd.


District 6 - Kukchhedagi Fiber Construction - completed

This FTTH project has been completed.

D6 Kukchhedagi FTTH construction is completed and included:
S. Kukchhedagi St.
W. Shegoi St.
W. Kwi St. (please keep in mind there is another Kwi Rd in this District, just different in Rd vs St)
S. Ho:hi St.


District 1 - Lateral Fiber Construction - Completed

This FTTH project started on 08-15-2200 and has not yet been completed.

D1 Lateral FTTH Construction is currently in progress and includes:
W. & N. Antone Rd.
W. Vechij Voag
N. Baptist Church Rd.

District1 Fiber


District 6 - Gila Crossing Fiber Construction - Completed

D6 Gila Crossing FTTH Construction has been completed as of 08-17-2020:

S. Bith Ha’ah Rd.
W. Dust Devil St.
S. Cocatka St.
And the north side of W. Beltline Rd.
This also includes a unnamed dirt road