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GreatCall Lively Mobile will replace the AlertOne unit in Gila River. The Lively Mobile device offers the same 24/7 medical alert service as its predecessor with one major advantage, it works where ever you go! This device operates on a cellular signal as opposed to the landline service of the AlertOne unit, which means you can use it even when you are away from home!

GRTI, in partnership with the Tribal Health Department Injury Prevention Program, is able to assist in providing you with a GreatCall unit.

Appointments to upgrade your current AlertOne to the Greatcall unit will be made as we near your area.
For questions or additional information contact the Tribal Health Department, Injury Prevention Program at (520) 562-5114 and ask for Teri De La Cruz.

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How it Works

  • Press the button to establish two-way communication with a GreatCall agent.
  • An agent will speak directly with you through the device.
  • Using GPS, an agent will confirm your location and evaluate the situation.
  • Agents can call emergency services, get roadside assistance or even a locksmith*. Most importantly they can even contact family or someone you authorize.
  • The agent can stay on the line with you until your situation is resolved.

Features Include

  • 5STAR SERVICE - Highly trained Agents to help you at any time.
  • GREATCALL LINK - Easily stay connected with family and friends using the app.
  • URGENT CARE - 24/7 access to registered nurses and board certified doctors.
  • FALL DETECTION - Automatically calls a 5 Star Agent for help when a fall is detected, It works where you go!

Also Available, The GreatCall Link Smartphone App

Available in the Apple App or Google Play store on your smartphone for family members or caretakers.

  • Get notifications when you press the button to contact 5Star.
  • Get directions to the last known location of your Lively.
  • Identify the battery level and whether your Lively is powered on or off.
  • View a summary of your daily activities based on the known locations setup in your Personal Emergency Profile.

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Questions & Answers

How do I get a unit?

Contact the Tribal Health/Injury Prevention Program at (520) 562-5114 for an assessment.

When should I charge my device?

When the battery is low, the Battery Indicator will flash red and you will hear a tone reminding you to charge. The tone will repeat more frequently as the battery level decreases further. If the battery loses all of its charge, the device will power off. The Lively Mobile will power back on shortly after being placed back into the charging dock. We recommend charging your device every night.

How does it work?

In the case of an emergency, the GreatCall unit is activated by pressing a button on the unit or pendant which contacts a 5 Star Agent.

How much is it?

*The GreatCall unit is provided at NO COST to those on the Gila River Indian Community with a medical necessity. GRTI is not responsible for costs accrued by emergency medical services, roadside assistance, or locksmith services, those costs will be the sole responsibility of the customer.