Why Fiber?

Fiber will offer improved quality and speed to your GRTI internet service. Many of our current lines used to transport data are composed of copper which uses electricity to transport data while fiber cables are made of glass and utilize light to transport data. Because light travels faster than electricity, fiber can provide much higher speeds than copper.

What is GRTI’s Fiber To The Home Initiative?

GRTI is currently working to replace copper lines with new future-proof fiber. Fiber provides more reliable service as well as internet speeds faster than copper.

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I received a call from GRTI Requesting a GigaSpire Installation Appointment, Why is it necessary?

GigaSpires will replace your current modem and allow you to enjoy all the benefits of fiber. Failure to install a GigaSpire will result in service interruption. We will contact you when we are in your area and ready to convert your residence to fiber.

What are the hours we can schedule a GigaSpire appointment?

Installation appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:00AM – 5:00PM.

Can I Reschedule My GigaSpire Appointment?

GigaSpire installation appointments can be rescheduled, Please contact Tech Support at (520)796-3334 as soon as possible.

I’m getting a new home soon, what do I need to do to get service?

To make sure you have service once you move into your home let get started on the paperwork.

  1. Please let us know 2 months before your move-in date. This will give us adequate time to install all our cabling into your new home.
  2. Please have your home site documents this includes physical address, homesite section and range, proof of ownership.
  3. Fill out a DSL Application For Service and Service Line Agreement Form

What must I do to set up my webmail service on a portable device?

You can easily set up your email on a computer or device, this also includes smartphones and tablets.


Incoming Servers

POP Server Settings

  • Server: mail.gilanet.net
  • Port: 995
  • SSL: Enabled
  • Username: user@gilanet.net

IMAP Server Settings

  • Server: mail.gilanet.net
  • Port: 993
  • SSL: Enabled
  • Username: user@gilanet.net

Outgoing Server

SMTP Server Settings

  • Server: smtp.gilanet.net
  • Port: 465
  • SSL: Enabled
  • Username: user@gilanet.net (User/Pass Authentication Required)