Wholesale DSL Terms and Conditions

Gila River Telecommunications, Inc. (GRTI)
Wholesale DSL Terms and Conditions
Effective July 1, 2016 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Service

  • DSL Service is a Single Line Exchange Service that provides Circuit-Switched Voice Service and digital connectivity to a high-speed data link for residence or business service Customers.
  • DSL Service is provided by utilizing Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology. ADSL is a network technology that utilizes single line service and special modems to provide high-speed data access.
  • DSL Service utilizes a Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) and existing end user facilities extended from the Company’s central offices and cabinets to the Customer’s premises.
  • DSL Service is asymmetrical in that more bandwidth is delivered downstream to the Customer than is delivered upstream from the Customer back to the network.

Provision of Service

DSL service is provisioned over GRTI’s existing end user facilities to provide a connection between the Customer’s premises and GRTI’s central offices and cabinets.

GRTI will qualify DSL service between GRTI’s central offices/cabinets and the Customer’s premises. The purpose of the qualification is to determine the availability and suitability of GRTI’s existing end user facilities to provide this service. GRTI will not provision DSL service on facilities that are not suitable for service.

GRTI does not undertake to originate data, but offers the use of its service components, where available, to Customers for the purpose of transporting customer- originated data.

DSL Service is provided subject to availability and limitations of GRTI’s central offices/cabinets and outside plant facilities, and is only available where technical capabilities permit.

GRTI will not provision DSL service if GRTI reasonably determines that it is not technically feasible over existing facilities or that will cause interference problems with existing service.

During network maintenance and software update periods, it may be necessary for GRTI to interrupt DSL service. GRTI reserves the right to temporarily interrupt DSL service at other times and in emergency situations.

Temporary Suspension of Service
Temporary suspension of service is not offered with DSL service.
Minimum Service Period
The minimum service period for DSL service is twelve (12) months.
Responsibility of the Company
GRTI will provision DSL Service for the Customer up to and including the end user’s Network Interface (NI).
Responsibility of The Customer (Wholesaler)

The Customer is responsible for providing compatible Customer-provided equipment (CPE) to connect to GRTI’s DSL service.

The Customer is responsible for providing GRTI with the necessary information to provide DSL service.

The Customer is responsible for obtaining permission from its subscribers for GRTI’s employees or agents to enter the Customer’s premises at any reasonable hour for the purpose of installing, inspecting, repairing, or upon termination of service, removing the service components of GRTI.

The Customer is responsible for preventing illegal access to their computers and network.

The Customer shall maintain an Acceptable Use Policy with subscribers that forbids abuse and fraudulent use of GRTI’s DSL Services.

DSL services may only be used for lawful purposes and in a manner which does not violate any law or infringe upon any copyright, trademark, trade secret, right of publicity or privacy. GRTI is under no obligation to monitor information transmitted to or from its Customer’s subscribers.

If it is determined that DSL service is subject to federal jurisdiction, DSL service, terms, conditions, rates and charges will be subject to a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) tariff filing.

Speeds between the Customer’s premises and GRTI’s Central Offices and Cabinets DSLAM will be a maximum Up Speed of 1 Mbps and maximum Down Speed of 6 Mbps; Speeds may be increased as technology permits. The maximum Up Speed and Down Speed to the end-user will be determined by GRTI.

Rates and Charges
A Residence Line or Business Line, as specified in the Gila River Telecommunications, Inc. Local Exchange Tariff, is required for each line equipped with DSL Service. The following rates and charges are in addition to the rates and charges for any other services necessary to establish connectivity to GRTI’s Central Offices and Cabinets DSLAM.
Monthly Terms
(Minimum 12 Month Commitment) Monthly charges for DSL Service are $34.91 per line equipped plus local telephone service rate for each residence or business telephone line; please refer to local tariff for telephone rates. A one-time fee of $125 will be assessed for DSL installation.
3-Year Contract Terms and Study Area Fees
Monthly charges for DSL Service provided under a 3-Year contract are offered on an individual case basis. Please contact Gila River Telecommunications, Inc. directly as contract terms are subject to negotiation.
Early Termination Charge
Early termination charges are applicable if a Customer commits to DSL under a term agreement and terminates service prior to the end of agreement term. The early termination charge is equal to the number of months remaining in the term agreement times the monthly contracted rate under said agreement. For example, if a customer signed up for DSL under a 1-year term and terminates DSL after two months, the early termination charge would be the monthly contracted rate multiplied by 10 (remaining months in the now-terminated contract).